Sales Funnel Optimization (Growth Hacking)

Most people only act on “hot” leads, which are people who convert or buy something right away.
However, that is such a small percentage of sales. Why not start selling to people who don’t convert right away?

Generating sales online is a process, not a single event.

Unlike bricks and mortar shops where many purchases are impulse buys, customers like to do research online.

Most of the time, it can take multiple visits before someone is ready to make a purchase.

It takes time for customers to decide what product they want, find the right price and determine if they can trust you.

This means that it’s important to keep prospective customers engaged – remind them what to buy from you and why.

You ever see online ads that show right after you visited a site?

Now you know why – those reminders work.

Strategic Traffic Channels

Billions & billions of page views happen across the internet on your favorite websites like, and millions more. Let us create an effective banner ad campaign to drive quality traffic to your brand and uncovering new revenue!

Email Marketing

Recent study done by Custora in July, 2013 shows that email marketing is the 2nd best traffic channel for customer acquisition. If you’re not attracting new email subscribers from your website and turning them into customers, you’ll lose a TON of money. Let us help.


The “7 Touches to Conversion” study was done by Leads360, showcasing that a prospect must interact with your company/brand 7 times before converting. With Retargeting, we create banners that follow users who have visited your website around the entire web until they convert.

Analytics, Reporting & Campaign Tweaking

  • Analyze Google Analytics
  • Optimize cost per lead/sale
  • Leverage converting keywords: press releases, SEO, SEM, videos, etc.
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Forecast results


Convert More Visitors Into Customers

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